Tuesday, April 28, 2009


You may remember Michelle and Brian from a month or so ago.  Well meet their beautiful daughter Madison.  We have been trying to get them scheduled for forever and the stars finally aligned.  She is such a cool little 5 year old!  There was only one person running this shoot...and it wasn't me...but I LOVED IT!  If these pictures don't want to make you have little girls when you grow up, I don't know what would.  Enjoy!

She is a natural

This was her pretend outfit.  She was showing me all of her dance moves:)

If you book a shoot with me, I will let your kids eat chocolate before dinner

Is this  a precious face or what!!!???


Carolina Bride: Dodi

Washington, NC.  Have you heard of it?  It is a little town on the other side of Greenville (go ECU!) where I met up with Dodi.  She lives in Colorado and is getting married in her hometown this coming weekend!  I am sooo excited!  We spent two hours traveling around to all the fun spots that Little Washington has to offer.  If any of you remember last Wednesday, there were 25 MPH wind gusts.  We really debated waiting and having her shoot in the morning, but decided to go ahead as scheduled.  I actually like how the wind made so much movement in many of the pictures.   Look for her beautiful wedding pictures next week- I know there are going to be many to oohh and ahhh about!

This is an old train in downtown LW. Perfect.

The chapel at her church where she is getting married.

One of my personal favs.


Ya'll know how I feel about smiles.  I think she was making googlie eyes at the old men who were working on their sailboats.  She kept ME laughing the whole day!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Go Green

Whew....since last Wednesday I have been on a photo shooting marathon!  YAY!   Boo for the fact that I haven't got any of it up on the blog yet!   Well that is all about to change starting with these three cutie pies. Lookout for more tiny tots, a bridal shoot, a wedding, and some new and improved location shots...

This is Jack (the oldest cutie pie), Lucy and Bo. Jack and Lucy are brother and sister, and Bo is their cousin.   We set out on a an amazingly green day for some fun.  Some of these pictures are going to be Mother's Day presents for granmaw ( I am not sure what they call their grandmother, but I call mine granmaw).   These are some of my favorites in no particular order...

This is my favorite shot of Lucy and Jack together.

Ring around the Rosy...it is still a household favorite.


Cute, but confused about standing in the flower bed:)

Lucy and Bo have a sweet connection.

I couldn't pick which one of these I liked best.  Here are two I like of Jack in the trees.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Carolina on my Mind

For my husband, for a deeper love of sweet tea, for late night conversations, for dejavu from a past life...these are all things that I have Julia (at least in part) to thank.  Honestly, it is hard to remember life before knowing Julia.  I mean there was college, but ever since, there has been Julia.  A summer in 2005 we met and life has never been the same!  Really!  I now have a sister-in-law that was my friend first-it is awesome.  I see so much of myself in her that it is scary sometimes- as different as we 'seemingly' are from each other.  I mean, I do my hair, and wear make-up...she rolls out of bed and puts on her cowboy boots.  But, don't get us going on something that we are passionate about- you have never seen two people that are such a force to be reckoned with as us.

Why this story is important is that Julia goes to Chapel Hill.  For four years, I have been "going to come for a visit".  I made it, finally, only 3 weeks short of graduation!  Go me!  She has had this same group of girl-friends since her freshman year- the group has grown, of course, but these 7 have all stayed close for four years- I think that is so cool!  I headed up the the Hill to take some group shots of the girls before graduating on May 10th.  Then we ate at PEPPERS, which was amazing and I want to go back there soon.  Ladies, I had so much fun on our trek all over campus...ladder, stool and chair in hand. Oh, and don't forget the one pocketbook.  Good thing we had 8 sets of hands:)

This is probably my favorite shot of the day.  It is outside a church on campus- and I think it is so fitting because these girls have such a great relationship with each other that stems from a love for the Lord.  It gives me chills.

What a bunch of beauties.  Have you ever seen more perfect teeth in a group shot?

This is one of my favorites.  Julia is the one in the middle with black hair.  Joe's twin sister, if you know Joe. (They aren't really twins, but I think they look so much alike, but not in a bad way Julia!)

What would be a campus shoot without a pic at the Old Well.

I couldn't pick a favorite out of these shots, so here are 3. I'm loving Emma's smile in this one though.

Argh- if only they had had an 8th friend from freshman year- the photo would be complete!!!

Love- good eye Abby.

An attempt at serious, I like it.