Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Brian and Michelle

Brian and Michelle have been married for over 4 years and were overdue for some "good pictures" together as a couple.  They have a little girl, Madison, and we are going to do a family shoot very soon.  Brian was one of the most comfortable guys I have ever shot in front of the camera!  He is a fireman in Cabarrus County...I hope one day we can shoot Michelle over at the firehouse;)

We laughed a lot, especially at my technique of hugging the ground, etc, all while getting them not to notice.  I have not shot out of Joe's family farm in a while, and since Brian and Michelle live right near there, that is where we headed.  The sky couldn't decide what it wanted to do, but no rain - thank goodness!

 If you are sitting there thinking to yourself- "Hey, me and my husband haven't had some great pictures together in a while..." - then give me a shout!  It is a lot of fun to go out and just be together for a couple of hours and get some great pictures of your love for each other!

As a total side note before you look at these delicious pictures- I went back to Ikea yesterday.  Yes, it's true.  It was my third time going and I must say that it was still amazing.  I think I will be getting a couple of items there for props in the near future.  So- get real excited about that!!!  I will be sure to note which items are Ikea amazingness.

Um, Yes, Please.
In the running for possible favorite.
I really really really really like this picture.
I think Favorite.  Yes, ok, Favorite.
I absolutely LOVE this picture.  I think they were giggling about who was going to kiss who.  So fun!


Bailey Ayn said...

I absolutely love these pictures! You do the best job of capturing what people are all about! You can tell just from these few pictures how in love these two are! I *love* this shoot! Great job! Can't wait to see more pics soon!

cindy said...

brian and michelle are super cute together! great e session!