Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oak Island Family Photographer

Two days can make a big difference in the sky when you are at Oak Island, NC!  This extended family was so fun to work with.  The cute little sweetie is name Dallas- love it! Hope you guys like these- ya'll were too fun!

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Oak Island Family Photographer

This is the first of 3 posts of family photos taken at Oak Island, NC.  Some people call it Long Beach.  I never know which to say!  A crazy storm blew through right before, and I even got to see a waterspout (although word on the street was it was a wimpy waterspout) I still thought it was cool!  The sky at sunset had all sorts of purples and oranges.  


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Saturday, June 20, 2009


Beloved, that is what Mat calls his beautiful wife Katie.  I knew this shoot was going to be fabulous when we were planning it...but I was even more giddy with excitement about what was going to happen when I showed up and saw just how much pregnancy agreed with Katie!  Mat and Katie are expecting a little baby boy, Elliot.  They are going to make such great parents!  This is true beauty people.  Katie's eyes and quiet confidence will captivate you.  Fall in love with these images....I did....

IMG_4246-Edit-EditFull Size JepgsIMG_4382-Edit-EditFull Size JepgsIMG_4329-Edit-EditFull Size JepgsIMG_4388-Edit-EditFull Size JepgsIMG_4464-Edit-EditFull Size JepgsIMG_4471-Edit-EditFull Size JepgsIMG_4489-Edit-EditFull Size JepgsIMG_4615-Edit-EditFull Size JepgsIMG_4585-Edit-EditFull Size JepgsIMG_4831-Edit-EditFull Size JepgsIMG_4722-Edit-EditFull Size JepgsIMG_4950-Edit-EditFull Size JepgsIMG_4994-Edit-EditFull Size JepgsIMG_5011-Edit-EditFull Size JepgsIMG_5057-Edit-EditFull Size JepgsIMG_5094-Edit-EditFull Size Jepgs

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Leah and Daniel- True Love

Making this blog post is so special for me because I am lucky enough to have a best friend who met the love of her life and they are getting married! Leah had been my partner in crime for over five years and I love her so much. From crazy trips all around the country, to sing-a-longs in an apartment near unc-charlotte, to so many inside jokes its sick....she means the world to me and I can't wait to stand beside her in October as she commits her life to Daniel. He is one lucky guy to have the chance to marry her and I know it is a love that will last a lifetime. Shooting their engagement pictures was a blast although it was muggy as anything. Many adventures were had, trespassing may or may not have occurred, but it was worth it! I know I always say I have too many favorites, but this time it is more than true. I narrowed it down to more than 20. Enjoy this mondo post!  



this is the picture they are using on their save the date!  Design services by Lindsey Lee- ask me more about this if you are interested in save the dates and invitations!

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