Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We made it...

We officially survived our first bridal show! After weeks of planning, we conquered our first show. Joe and I always said we would try anything once, so this was our go at our first show. Who knows if we will do it next year, but it was a great experience and we had an overwhelming response to our work and our fabulous booth (if I do say so myself). I couldn't have done any of it with out Joe and his amazing handy-ness. He truly made my vision come to life and put up with my persistent perfectionism.

We really enjoyed the experience! It was great to meet other vendors in the wedding industry and to get a chance to talk with so many wonderful brides. I can't wait for some of the weddings that will eventually be up on the blog!
We would, however, now like to thank our un-official sponsors for their contributions and work:
Every Yard-sale within 10 miles of our house
Erma Dog
Mr C's
Carolina Memorial Park Copier Romano's
The Madre Robin
Antique Stores Everywhere
Oswalt Vault Flat Bed Truck Chrysler Van
Sister LeAnn
The Padre Scott
Del-Ray Fabrics
Hobby Lobby
Enjoy some photos!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Gracie turns 1!

We've been watching her grow...and she turned 1 last week! Sweet little baby Gracie had her first birthday, and we kicked off the celebration the day before with her one year old photo shoot. Her dad works at the golf course, so we had our own cart to roam around in. I am now making access to golf carts a requirement for all sessions! (just kidding, but it was AMAZING). We just loaded up all our junk and went to town all over the 18 holes! Never-mind that people were trying to play golf and work on their swing and focus on the ball ( or whatever it is that you do when you play golf) . Enjoy this sweet sweet girl...Gracie will put a smile on your face this Monday.

Gracie1 (1 of 6) (2 of 6)Gracie2 (3 of 6) (4 of 6) (5 of 6) (6 of 6)Gracie3

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

have a look

Remember Laura and Jeremy? Their story was published in the most recent edition of Carolina Bride along with a couple other LLP photos. Check it out if you get a chance!


Friday, January 15, 2010

Remove the Mountain

I would like for someone to please come and remove the mountain of junk off my desk. thanks.

With the start of the new year I have been trying really hard to get organized. Translation: make everything have it's own folder (in my computer and in life), update my website, categorize favorite images, figure out quickbooks, make new marketing materials...the list goes on. It is quite overwhelming. I need one of those organization specialists, except for I need them to understand the digital world as well as the physical. Any takers:)? Oh yea, and Joe and I are doing our first bridal show next weekend (why didn't someone tell us we were crazy!) So, on top of my new organizational goals, our garage has a 10x10 foot room in it that looks like it came right out of anthropologie catalogue that Joe made from scratch. He's so handy. Click here for more information on the bridal show that is January 24th in Charlotte. All the great wedding professionals will be there to help you make your day perfect, we'd love to see you there!

All this to say that while going through all of the old files I saw photos that I love that I never shared. I am going to try and highlight photos that never made it to the blog or website that I think are nice and pretty. Starting with: Kelly. Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

{robby & cat} charlotte, nc wedding photographer

About a week and a half ago Robbie and Cat got married!!! You may remember a week ago here in the Carolina's. It was cold. Colder than you can stand it cold. Props to everyone in the wedding party who survived our time outside! The ladies got ready at the Westin, where the reception was also held. The ceremony was performed at the quaint St. Mary's Chapel right outside of downtown. Everything was fabulous, including the awesome purple light that lit up the reception. I loved it! Enjoy!

Palo1 (1 of 3)Palo2

Palo3 (3 of 3) (2 of 3)


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bittersweet Memories

This past week has been one full of bittersweet memories. Last Sunday Joe and I celebrated our 1st anniversary. We have already made so many memories together and I can't wait for more. I have been so blessed with an amazing husband who is nothing short of a saint.
On Tuesday, though, we lost my great grandmother Helen very suddenly. She was just short of her 92nd birthday this month. She wasn't sick...she didn't suffer...it all happened very fast and for that I am grateful...but we miss her and were not ready to lose her. I am very lucky to be my age and have been able to spend so much time with a great grandmother. Both Joe and I are especially blessed by this last year when we bought a house across the street from my grandparents, where Helen also lived. She was a firecracker, and everyone knew it! Thanks to so many of you who have comforted our family in the past couple of days. Take time to love on the ones you love.

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ben & Lindsay- True Love

College sweethearts Ben and Lindsay are getting married this summer. We squeezed in their engagement shoot over the holiday break. It was a gloomy and cold day, but I love the warm you can feel seeing Lindsay and Ben loving on each other in these photos. Lots of snuggles is another plus on a winter session. Stay warm while looking at these favorites...

Engagment1 (3 of 6)engagement2 (2 of 6)engagement4 (4 of 6) (6 of 6) (5 of 6)engagement3 (1 of 6)

Friday, January 1, 2010

to 2010!

Here are some some of my favorite images from 2009. There were really too many to have a top ten list, so here is a sampling of pictures that just make me happy. Hope everyone had a wonderful new years! Here is to 2010 being the best year yet!

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