Monday, August 17, 2009

Sweet Little Gracie

Here is a sweet little baby you may remember.  Lindsey Lee Photography did her baby pictures when she was just a little thing that fit into a bread bowl.  Now she is growing and sitting up!  We had a nice, hot and muggy time during our shoot and Gracie was a PERFECT angel.  The only time she even whimpered was when we wouldn't let her play with blocks!  Enjoy her sweet little dumplin'-ness!  

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Love that face!  These overall's were her mom's when she was her age!

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She loved showing us that she could in fact get the grass, then eat it.

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So excited about showing us her belly!

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Who could resist this face- not me! Even with drool!

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Totally ticked we wouldn't let her play.  I got these blocks at the infamous Hillsville fleamarket last year.  I tried to wheel and deal with a lady with really bouffant-A hair with lots of lip liner.  She DID NOT want to deal.  I tried to buy the whole basket, but she still made me pay per block!  Grrr.

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Happy baby now that she has blocks:)

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LOVE!~GK's Mom!!