Tuesday, December 28, 2010

{Ashton & Taylor} Charlotte Wedding Photographer

The venue: gorgeous. The couple: gorgeous. The day: gorgeous. Their love: gorgeous.

Yup, that pretty much sums it up! I couldn't love Ashton and Taylor's wedding photos any more.....enjoy! and don't forget to click the play button on the last photo for a slideshow.


Family Love- The Bemus's

Love this family! I met Amy when she came to my workshop over the summer, so it was so fun to get her CUTE CUTE family in front of my camera. And you also know I love a family that brings their green scooter to the photo shoot. Yes, please!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bridals: Ashton

Another lovely bride. I just LOVED Ashton's look. It went so perfectly with her wedding at The Depot...not to mention that I was totally obsessed with Ashton's serious face. Makeup was done by the always awesome Molly with Bella Amore. Enjoy these!


{Laura & Heath} Charlotte Wedding Photographer

I truly have no words for this post because everyone in it is so meaningful to me. I cried while making it and I smiled when shooting it. These are my cousins, they are the people that I love...they are my family.

Press the play button on the bottom photo for a slideshow of their perfect day.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas From Our Family to Yours

With the new addition to our family this year, I really wanted to capture some really special photos of the three of us- especially for our Christmas card. Last years card really just turned into a New Year's client card and didn't even have any photos of us on it, so I was going for some redemption. I knew scheduling a photo session with another photographer just wasn't in the cards with our schedule this fall, so we headed down to the farm where we held the mini-sessions and took these shots with a remote trigger. That was an adventure, but I love how everything turned out....glowy photos was just what I wanted! Merry Christmas! Love, Joe, Lindsey and Darby.


bridals: Laura

Meet my new cousin-in-law...? I suppose that is the correct term! Heath and Laura had an amazing day and I can't wait to post the wedding, but for now here are just some of her bridals.

Although Laura looks absolutely amazing, she decided to change her hair for the wedding. That is one thing I love about bridal portraits...that you get to see how you look, more specifically, how you look in photos. All of my clients that are not from the south, come on! Join the fun!:)

laurabridal1laura bridal 2

Family Love- The Howle's

Around this same time last year(well, a couple of weeks ago that is) we were shooting Karen and Eddie's Bellyshoot. Shortly after Little Mason made his arrival and he is just as cute as a button! We had the most perfect day before the rain knocked down every last leaf that was hanging. I have had these finished up for a while, but figure today is the perfect day to post since Mason was wearing his little santa hat in some of the photos. Merry Night before Christmas Eve!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

my so-called life: lauren

I am still playing major catch up on blogging while trying to get last minute things out the door for Christmas. Lot's more to come! For now, Lauren:) Love this girl! and her amazing style!


Friday, December 17, 2010

{Sarah & Ryan} Charlotte Wedding Photographer

Dear future brides, I would like to shoot more weddings at The Dairy Barn. Thanks. Love, Lindsey.

The Dairy Barn is such a fun and amazing venue. It is located on a beautiful greenway in Rock Hill- just outside of Charlotte. I can't imagine Sarah and Ryan getting married anywhere else...it was SO them. Simple. elegant. stylish. fun. natural. This was one of my favorite weddings to date. Sarah, as I have said before, is my muse and add to that all of the beauty at the Dairy Barn and it was pure magic. Oh yea, and Ryan is a stud. Pretty sure Joe has a man-crush.

The weather was shining down on us + Sarah and Ryan hopelessly in love + amazing details + guests ready to party= really fun wedding. You two, Joe and I hope you are loving your married life and are soaking up this Christmas time together.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! and don't forget to click the slideshow at the bottom for more photos.



Love this shot on the top right that Joe caught right after Sarah and Ryan came up the isle. So much passion! And, Joe's favorite shot bottom left that he caught while I was taking full lengths of Sarah sitting.

Big props to Sarah's super awesome bridesmaids, I'm just sayin.sarahryan3

This shot of Sarah and Ryan laughing is one of the shots I love most from the wedding.....we can thank Joe for that. and I did.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

True Love- Allison and Matt

A couple of weeks ago we shot Allison and Matt's engagement session down on her family land in Dallas, NC. Yes, Dallas:) It was a beautiful property with lots and lots of pretty horses...I was in heaven! They wanted to get a vintage look- so they had some pretty awesome outfits planned to go along with Allison's granddad's car. I love how these turned out! Enjoy!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

True Love- Gean and Joe

I am still getting the blog caught up with the many many many sessions/weddings I did over the past six or so weeks. Thank you to everyone who is patiently waiting to see their pics on here...they are ALLL coming:) Then, after all of that is done, I am going to go back and blog each mini-session that I did-now that everyone's Christmas cards are out...So definitely stay tuned! So much photo goodness to see.

Have I mentioned lately that my clients are such hotties!? Gean and Joe were working it on our engagement session the other week- and let me just say that I am totally in love with Gean. Not in a freaky way, but in a iwannatakeyourpictureeveryday kind of way. Love these two and love these pics!


At the end of our session Gean and Joe put on their traditional wedding outfits....so fun!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

True Love- Jessie and Chris

I met Jessie this past January at the Bridal show in Charlotte and I have been waiting so long for their engagement pictures! Boy am I glad we waited until the fall because we had the most perfect weather and leaves to play with. These two make you smile when you see them together, so that's exactly what we did their whole session. I had so many favorites...enjoy!


This picture below needs to be large and in charge on your wall. thanks.



Canvas Gallery Wraps

I can't wait to see this canvas when it comes in! What a great way to show off your family with a gigantic Canvas Gallery Wrap with 7-8 of your favorite images. LOVE. I know this is going to look awesome over their couch.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bridals: Sarah

So I really want Sarah to get married every year. I have loved working with her and Ryan... and basically Sarah is one of my most favorite people to photograph. Truly. Her bridal session was one of those days where all the stars aligned...it was the perfect day with the perfect weather with the perfect dress. And the light, let's not forget about that. Enjoy these!

We started with just a couple inside the Dairy Barn, which is where the two got married. The natural light coming through the back window was perfect...


chapel length veil...yes, please.


I'll end with this one.....