Thursday, December 31, 2009

{sweets & critiques} Happy New Year!

Wow, 2009 came and went! I want to say a public thanks to all my of clients who spread the word about Lindsey Lee Photography and helped me to be able to take photos of some of the most fabulous people and events. I can't wait for 2010 and have some incredible weddings and sessions lined up! There is going to be so much blog goodness- ya'll aren't going to know what to do! I am going to try and get some favorite images from 2009 up here tomorrow. For now, here is the last installment of {sweets & critiques} for the year.

*Christmas decorations. Well, remember how just a little bit ago I loved Christmas decorations? Welp, now I hate them. They stare at me, daunting me, teasing me...waiting for me to put them up. Boo decorations!
* Miley Cyrus. Yup, I went there.

* Weddings in 2010. This makes me excited.
* Florence, Italy. You can find Joe and I here in February.
* Spandex. I love spandex. I am wearing my spandex right now, I went to the bank and lunch in spandex. That is probably not ok, and super unprofessional, but it is one of my favorite {sweets}.

Here is an image from yesterday's engagement shoot with Lindsay and Ben. So cute.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Family Love- The Maher's

I can honestly say that I haven't laughed to the point of crying in a really long time. I broke that streak yesterday when working with The Maher's. These 4 boys had me laughing so hard I could barely see through my made for such an easy and fun shoot! Ladies, I am sure you are wondering the dating status of these boys...although I am not totally sure, I know I could find out for you! ;) Happy viewing this fun family!

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

{sweets & critiques} Merry Christmas


*It is an amazing time of year. Time with friends and family. Time with those you love that you rarely get to see. Time when everyone is well-wishing. That is my sweet for today....that this week is an amazing time. Joe and I wish all of you wonderful time with family and a Merry Christmas.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

I was looking yesterday at Caroline Bride's website to see when the new edition comes out ( I still don't know, I think the end of this month) and BAM- there were wedding galleries up featuring Kelly and Eric's Wedding and Katie and Jeff's Wedding! Wahoo! I had no idea these were up. Little gifts like this make me happy. Merry Tuesday!

Picture 4
Picture 5

Monday, December 21, 2009

Family Love- The Rimpf's

I love it when I get to do photos for friends! I know Lauren and Brian from my ECU days and they now live in the area! This has been so fun! I try and hang out with Lauren as much as possible for many reason- one reason being that she is an incredible cook and always has lots of good food at her house. Another reason I love sessions with friends is that they completely trust me! When I say let's go to ______(insert random location here), they say OK! This spot was just perfect and I love how the sky lit up with all sorts of reds and oranges. Here are just some of my favorites....

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

eyes so blue

Chelsea's eyes are a whole other shade of blue. More like aqua, really. They are gorgeous! After much rescheduling, we finally met up for our session. Little did we know it was going to be the day that the wind was 40 mph. Luckily we stuck close to the trees and it even worked in our favor to give her that wind-blown look in some of the shots. How great is her hair? I think I am going to have her give me some tips....I just need to let mine keep growing for, um, ten more inches. Here are a couple of favs.

chelsea1 (1 of 3) (2 of 3)chelsea2

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

{sweets & critiques} passports and boots

This past weekend Joe and I had an amazing time at Young Life's Windy Gap, up near Asheville. I spent the weekend dressed up 1) like a Yodeler from the French Alps and 2) like a Redneck, complete with blacked out teeth and a mullet. We, along with our friends Josh and Rachel, were the program for the weekend...AKA...make the kids laugh...hopefully AT us.

It was so fun and life-giving for us- and the easiest job at camp! The leaders have the real job of developing relationships with high school students and getting them there to Windy Gap! Although I am slightly embarrassed to post this photo- here is a picture of Josh and I on stage in the dining hall. Eh, who am I kidding, I always look ridiculous, even when I am not wearing a brown pig-tail wig, ruffled turtle-neck with embroidered vest, green skirt and apron, and little elf shoes. And don't forget the Yodel hat. I'll spare you the part where we sing off key to popular songs that Josh has rewritten the lyrics for to include memories of us from back in our home village in the French Alps.

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It's now time for another installment of {sweets & critiques}!

This week's MAJOR Critiques go out to:

*Passport photos. Joe and I are planning a big anniversary/Christmas/Valentine's day trip in February, and since I got married I needed a new passport. Easy enough. Little did I know that the people at Walgreen's make it their life's job to make you look at bad as possible in the photo. Really. I wore my best color (black) with the cute red earrings for a pop of color, but somehow here it is just all wrong. Is there any need to get the camera approximately 3 inches from my face, making it seem awkwardly large, and then make meput my hair behind my ears. Apparently this is the new requirement, that you show your ears. I should have just worn a pony tail, that would look better than this! And, after much scrutiny of this picture, it has also become very apparant that I needed my roots done. There, I said it. Well, you may sit there and ask yourself, "Why didn't you just go back and get another one taken?" I was so afraid I wouldn't get the passport back in time for the trip that I decided that it didn't matter. I wish I would have been a little more vain because now I am stuck with this thing for 10 years. Let that be a lesson to you.

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*Busy shopping malls. 'Nuff said.

Oh goodness! Time for the SWEETS!

*How Cute are These Boots?! If you have not seen this GAP commercial, please pause to watch it right now. This little song has been in my head for a week and I stop and watch this commercial anytime it is on! It just makes me happy! Not to mention that if any clients want to dress their little girls in this exact outfit and call me over to take their pics, that would be wonderful. Thanks.
*Microwavable Heating Pad. These things are AMAZING. This is just one I found online...mine is very similar but I don't know where it came from. Let me tell you, we can't survive a winter around here without it. All you do is heat it up in the microwave and it stays warm for hours. My current favorite thing to do is heat this up, get on the couch with a blanket, put the warmer on my feet and read Eclipse (the 3rd book of the Twilight series, please refer to last week's sweets). This would be a great gift for the person who has everything, or for a last minute gift. They even make little booties like this, which might have to be on my wish-list. Just image it, little heated footies....ahhhh!
*Pandora. I KNOW I am late on this bandwagon, but I love this website. It is a site where they play music with limited interruption in whatever genre you want. For example, if you like Madonna, you would type it in, and not only would Pandora play Madonna, but any other artist that is the same style of music as her. My two favorite stations right now are "Christmas" and "Patty Griffin". Try it out!

Here is a look at what is coming tomorrow!

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

an amazing family

Mike and Amy Rogers have one amazing family. Their story is incredible: one day they were working, being a normal suburban family. Within a six month period, after both Amy and Mike had taken trips to Africa with their church, they felt the call from the Lord to join the mission field. They literally sold everything they had...possessions, house, cars...packed up their family to enter the mission field in Ethiopia. While they were there, they adopted Hannah ( What a family! They are all home right now on furlough. It was so great to see them interact with each other and love on each other. Nathan, Jacob, Zackery and MacKenzie are fabulous. Never before at a shoot have I had the kids RUN over to help me unload the car. What manners! It is definitely a testament to Mike and Amy's parenting. I loved our time together! Here are my favs- although I had WAY too many...

Props for this selection of outfits matching my logo perfectly:)

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Hello, my name is Hannah and I am a doll-baby.

Clients often tell me they are struggling with what to wear for their shoot. I recommend bright colors because they really make a picture pop. I love what Amy picked out for everyone to wear for their more casual look ( and sometimes with boys that are a little older it is even harder) I LOVE the color pallet and how everyone is coordinating with out being too matchy. Plus, we all know how I feel about red. love it love it love it. Don't even get me started on MacKenzie's polka dotted dress and argyle tights. Yes, please.

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I am pretty sure this is in the ranking for my most favorite sibling shot ever.


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These are spears that they brought back from Africa. This is their "tough" look.


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Friday, December 11, 2009

Family Love- The Yorke's

More family fun! I am headed out of town today to work at Windy Gap, a Young Life camp up in the mountains (pray we don't get snowed in!) for some fun times with high school students. I'm leaving you with a beautiful family, the Yorke's. Avery (love that name) and Brayden are the cutest! Enjoy your weekend!

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