Friday, July 17, 2009

kelly and eric {salisbury, nc}

Saturday was an amazingly beautiful day where two people who have prayed for each other and cared about each other for the past 4 years were married.  Kelly and Eric had an amazing ceremony  and PAR-TAY in Salisbury, NC.  Lindsey Lee Photography was there and I was honestly filled with emotion the whole day seeing these two come together.  There were so many sweet moments that I teared up more than one time during the day.  Kelly and Eric both were surrounded by people who love them so much and were sincerely honored to be part of their wedding.  At the reception, the party went down and it was so fun to watch all of their family and guests have such a fun time.  The tone was  definitely set for fun when Kelly and Eric surprised their guests with a hip hop dance.  I thought they were being awfully giggly during their slow dance, which is oftentimes very emotional.   It all made sense when the music cut and they broke out into a very choreographed dance that was too funny and complete with the worm (see below).  Kelly and Eric, thanks for letting Joe and I be a part of your day.  We won't soon forget it!

Here are some of my favorites and also check out the slideshow below!  

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Bailey Ayn said...

LOVE THESE PICTURES and the slide show!!! FANTASTIC job!!!!

Jessica said...

I too love these photos. Where was this reception held?