Thursday, July 16, 2009

My So-Called Life: SENIORS- Shelby

Meet another Shelby!  This week I had such fun with Shelby shooting in some really cool locations.  She is a cutie-pa-tootie!  Adventures, as usual, were had on this shoot.  We were asked to be movie go-ers to a movie that a local camera crew was filming.  We had to buy tickers and walk in to the movie- all on camera.  It was seriously one of the most random things ever.  We did not know what to do when a strange man (the producer) was chasing us down on the side of the street.  Of course neither of us got any details about when we were to be starred, what show, what station, what time...but we were actors for a moment, nonetheless!  Check these out!

 (1 of 13) (2 of 13) (4 of 13) (3 of 13) (5 of 13) (6 of 13) (9 of 13) (7 of 13) (10 of 13) (8 of 13) (11 of 13) (12 of 13) (13 of 13)

Shelby is going to kill me...but I just HAD to post this picture!  Her mom really wanted her to wear this hat, and I concurred that it would be cute.  Shelby was not too keen on the idea, but seriously, how cute does she look in this outfit? It is one of my new favorites.

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