Friday, January 30, 2009

Ella and Lucy

So I am sitting on a ton of stuff that needs to get posted,  so sorry to my dedicated blog followers who probably wonder why I never ad new stuff!  Well I have been working on all the new things to come to Lindsey Lee Photography, so you all will have to stay tuned.  There is going to be lots of new stuff on the site really soon including a little bit of a new look.  Wednesday, though, I took pictures of two Cutie McCuties.  Meet Ella and Lucy.  Ella is about to have her 3rd birthday and Lucy is just a couple of months old.  I have about 100 favorites, but these couple really stood out!
Love Crazy Baby Hair
Hmm....maybe that is why Lucy has crazy baby hair?

Ella's favorite swing.  Isn't her outfit just precious?
It wasn't raining, but it had been, and Ella really wanted to play with her umbrella in her rain boots. 
This was the shot taken right after Ella's dad told her there was a little man in the camera that she should try and look for......mass confusion ensued, but this picture is priceless.  She was really trying to find him in the lense.
After playing with Ella, we snuck back up to take some shots of Lucy in her crib.
Turns out she was awake and playing!  Love this picture

Friday, January 23, 2009

Spring Wedding Dates

Lindsey Lee Photography has a few spring/summer wedding dates still available.  I am fielding inquiries everyday, so email me to check my availability and to get more information.  I would LOVE to capture your day!

So we got married

On January 3rd it became official!  Joe and I got married, and I must say, it was AMAZING.  Not only do I think everything about it was perfect, I happen to think it was the best wedding ever! (Ok, maybe I am a little biased:))  Many of you have been patiently waiting to see pictures, so here they are!  Big ups to my mom for basically doing everything.  She should probably retire from being a funeral director and be a wedding planner (are the two jobs so different???)  But really, on September 22 we said we were getting married January 3rd.  'Ole Robi Dobi- affectionately call by many- was up to the challenge!  It was wonderful and perfect and everything we could have asked for.  I hope you enjoy some pictures.  There are too many to post even a general sampling, but here is just a blush at what was the best day of my life.....marrying the love of my life, Joseph Hartsell.
In random order:

All wedding makeup was done by Molly, owner of Bella Amore.
Check her out, she is awesome and does makeup for many of the girls I shoot.

Meet Cooper, and his little John John suit.  AMAZING

When Joe tried to lift my veil.  PS- you weren't suppose to lift it
4 Generations
I jut really like this picture of everyone laughing.  Notice, though, how Julia is still in character.
My bouquet!  We used my dad's 1940 Ford truck as out get-a-way car.  It made for some awesome shots.

My word:  RED

Cake we didn't shove it in each other's faces.  There was some pre-warning about that...:)
This is my favorite picture of Joe, possibly ever
I definitely recommend the Craig Woolard Band.  They kept the party going and were so talented.   They are a shag band and the best out there- give them a call!
Joe and I showing off our shag moves in our first dance!  All of those lessons finally paid off!

A little formal pic
Entering reception

I just really like this picture
Bridesmaids and flower girl
This is Joe's favorite picture.  I love how the dads to the left can hardly jump...Joe's brother Ellis is in a ball, and Joe looks like he is floating.  Wonderful

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Best Wedding Present EVER

I have told a lot of people about the amazing wedding present that Joe surprised me with, so I thought I would put it on the blog so everyone can take a peek.  Long story short, I asked my best friend Teresa, who I met in college at ECU, if she would do a painting for me to give to Joe as his wedding present.  Basically we just played phone tag and never connected on it.  Little did I know, Joe too had contacted her about doing a painting FOR ME.  Who knew I could be so easily fooled (first the engagement, and know it THAT easy to pull one over on me???)  It was SUCH a surprise at the rehearsal dinner for this finished painting to come walking out.  How can I ever thank T (Teresa) for being such a talented and amazing friend to do this for us?  It is so special for us to have this memory of when we visited the Grand Teton Mountains in an oil painting forever. It is more special to be blessed with such an amazing friend who took the time and effort to create something so beautiful for us to remember our wedding by.  A million thanks!  Enjoy!

The original photo

A silly little picture can hardly do justice!

Monday, January 12, 2009

We're Home!

I know many of you are probably thinking that I have just up and abandoned this poor little blog.  You see what really happened was I got engaged, had a 100 day engagement, got married, and just got back from the honeymoon! So, needless to say, my blog took the brunt of the neglect around here.  However, fear not!  There are so many fun and exciting things coming to Lindsey Lee Photography in the next month or so.  First off, I will be posting some of our wedding photos from January 3rd, then I have a couple of shoots to add, then comes the exciting stuff: a new logo, some additions to the website....and MORE.  Keep checking back in to see how Lindsey Lee Photography is changing and growing!  It's good stuff!