Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Best Wedding Present EVER

I have told a lot of people about the amazing wedding present that Joe surprised me with, so I thought I would put it on the blog so everyone can take a peek.  Long story short, I asked my best friend Teresa, who I met in college at ECU, if she would do a painting for me to give to Joe as his wedding present.  Basically we just played phone tag and never connected on it.  Little did I know, Joe too had contacted her about doing a painting FOR ME.  Who knew I could be so easily fooled (first the engagement, and know this...is it THAT easy to pull one over on me???)  It was SUCH a surprise at the rehearsal dinner for this finished painting to come walking out.  How can I ever thank T (Teresa) for being such a talented and amazing friend to do this for us?  It is so special for us to have this memory of when we visited the Grand Teton Mountains in an oil painting forever. It is more special to be blessed with such an amazing friend who took the time and effort to create something so beautiful for us to remember our wedding by.  A million thanks!  Enjoy!

The original photo

A silly little picture can hardly do justice!

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