Monday, March 30, 2009

Carolina Bride: Bailey, Cont'd!

I am incredibly sorry for keeping you waiting on the details of Bailey's bridal shoot! It was the most perfect day for an outside bridal shoot. The day started off amazing- a cloudless blue sky with temperatures around 70. Perfect for when you are wearing your very heavy wedding dress!

As Bailey was finishing getting ready for her shoot- we are talking hair and make-up- the sky started to change colors.  Not good.  We knew we had some time so we rushed to Salisbury and got ready to shoot.   Bailey was in town from South Carolina, so girls had to do what girls had to do! We got about 10 minutes of shoot time in when the bottom dropped out and the great flood began.  Luckily, I have a studio space where I shoot in Salisbury so we headed there to get some inside shots.   The rain subsided and we headed back outside...for about 5 minutes before the great flood #2 began.   In a lot of the shots I am in the pouring rain and I had Bailey under things where she would be covered.  Bailey was such an AMAZING sport and really hung in there through ALL of the chaos.  I can't wait to shoot her wedding in May and know it will be absolutely beautiful.  Here are a couple of my top picks.

I love this style black and white with Bailey's black hair.

This is one of my favorite shots.  I really like how it looks in black and white, but I also love the color one too because Bailey's eyes just pop.

Make-up by Molly at Bella Amore.  I love her!

Moments before the pour down.


This was the same veil Bailey's mom wore in her wedding, in the same church that Bailey is getting married in.  Yes, amazing.

I like her spunk in this shot.

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Nice Day to Play

Earlier in the week, before all of this gosh-awful rain, I met up with these two cuties!  It was a bright sunny day in the park.  We had lots of fun dodging all of the stroller walking moms and frisbee golf discs!

Douglas and Annabell are 5 and 7.  Douglas's birthday is this month so he got some special photo time to commemorate the big 5 :) Annabell is just a teeny little thing- Douglas will catch up with her in no time!  After taking pictures in their "Sunday clothes" we set out to just have fun and play.  Enjoy these two bright eyed sweeties.

So I'm not going to tell you how this grove was near some sort of sewage release (or something!) that smelled well, you know, like sewage.  In between "MOM-it STINKS!" and nose holdings, we got this shot:)

This picture is in honor of being 5.

Love this.  I just like taking pictures of kids being kids.  Don't you wish you could just make silly faces all the time and that it would be ok? I do.

This picture really cracks me up!  Douglas RANDOMLY just started jumping up and down and doing this with his hands-out of nowhere. I think he just decided to play make believe for a quick second.

I have a similar picture with him smiling real big- but how you can you resist his puppy dog eyes in these last two shots??

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My So-Called Life: SENIORS- KELSEY

This week I set out with my new friend Kelsey to do her senior pictures.  She is graduating in May and is going to Carolina- You go girl! (although, I've been told, that my house is now a DUKE house)  Here are just a couple of my favorites.  Kelsey has a quiet confidence about her that I love...and I think that you can you can even see what I mean through these pictures.  Make sure to take note of her "To Die For" lashes (I'm talking miles long people) and beautiful eyes!

2010 Seniors- contact me about the My So-Called Life: SENIORS package. And, as promised, I am going to add more to Bailey's shoot later in the week too!  Sorry for the delay!


This picture could sum up our time together:)  I'm pretty sure we were trying to avoid getting eaten by fire ants.  

My personal fav.

Joe's favorite out of these shots.

I'm loving Kelsey's profile in this shot.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Carolina Bride: Bailey

Let's talk about these tomorrow:)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Brian and Michelle

Brian and Michelle have been married for over 4 years and were overdue for some "good pictures" together as a couple.  They have a little girl, Madison, and we are going to do a family shoot very soon.  Brian was one of the most comfortable guys I have ever shot in front of the camera!  He is a fireman in Cabarrus County...I hope one day we can shoot Michelle over at the firehouse;)

We laughed a lot, especially at my technique of hugging the ground, etc, all while getting them not to notice.  I have not shot out of Joe's family farm in a while, and since Brian and Michelle live right near there, that is where we headed.  The sky couldn't decide what it wanted to do, but no rain - thank goodness!

 If you are sitting there thinking to yourself- "Hey, me and my husband haven't had some great pictures together in a while..." - then give me a shout!  It is a lot of fun to go out and just be together for a couple of hours and get some great pictures of your love for each other!

As a total side note before you look at these delicious pictures- I went back to Ikea yesterday.  Yes, it's true.  It was my third time going and I must say that it was still amazing.  I think I will be getting a couple of items there for props in the near future.  So- get real excited about that!!!  I will be sure to note which items are Ikea amazingness.

Um, Yes, Please.
In the running for possible favorite.
I really really really really like this picture.
I think Favorite.  Yes, ok, Favorite.
I absolutely LOVE this picture.  I think they were giggling about who was going to kiss who.  So fun!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My So-Called Life: SENIORS

Can you believe it is your senior year already?!  Lindsey Lee Photography is booking My So-Called Life: SENIORS sessions NOW for Summer '09.  Check out this video to see what a senior session with Lindsey Lee Photography is like.  Trust me- we have A LOT of fun.  And don't worry, we can find a time that works between your Myrtle Beach, cheerleading camp, football tryouts, vacationing, busy life.  Shoot me an email to find out more!  (I know, I should really get an email with the new last name:))

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baby Lincoln

Meet Sweet, little, cute baby Lincoln.  He is three weeks old!  Baby Lincoln had his first photo shoot with Lindsey Lee Photography at his parents house in Concord.  Sheila and Chris are so fun- not to mention beautiful and photogenic- themselves! 

As a side note- I am eating a Moe's burrito right now- and it is AMAZING.
This outfit was handmade for Lincoln by a lady at their church.  He looks like a little angel.
He has little grown up feet. Precious.

Baby yawns.  They are the best.
He is going to be a rocker like his dad when he grows up.