Friday, March 27, 2009

A Nice Day to Play

Earlier in the week, before all of this gosh-awful rain, I met up with these two cuties!  It was a bright sunny day in the park.  We had lots of fun dodging all of the stroller walking moms and frisbee golf discs!

Douglas and Annabell are 5 and 7.  Douglas's birthday is this month so he got some special photo time to commemorate the big 5 :) Annabell is just a teeny little thing- Douglas will catch up with her in no time!  After taking pictures in their "Sunday clothes" we set out to just have fun and play.  Enjoy these two bright eyed sweeties.

So I'm not going to tell you how this grove was near some sort of sewage release (or something!) that smelled well, you know, like sewage.  In between "MOM-it STINKS!" and nose holdings, we got this shot:)

This picture is in honor of being 5.

Love this.  I just like taking pictures of kids being kids.  Don't you wish you could just make silly faces all the time and that it would be ok? I do.

This picture really cracks me up!  Douglas RANDOMLY just started jumping up and down and doing this with his hands-out of nowhere. I think he just decided to play make believe for a quick second.

I have a similar picture with him smiling real big- but how you can you resist his puppy dog eyes in these last two shots??

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Jenna Daniel said...

Lindsey Lee,

I love checking out your latest shoots on the blog. Your work is inspiring! Kids are my fave! I'm still going to call you one of these days. Matt and I are shooting our first wedding together next Saturday. Say a prayer for us!