Monday, October 10, 2011

The new blog is here!!!

Goodness gracious! For over three years this blog has been home to LLP. Heck, I wasn't even married when I started this thing and now here we are with a baby on the way!

What has become apparent over time is that my blog gets more traffic than my website, so I wanted it to be the best it could be- a true representation of me and my business. Enter new blog! This has been in the works for more than a year- partly my fault, partly the designers, but now that it is all said and done, I couldn't be more happy! This little blogspot will forever exists in internet land, so don't worry, your post aren't going anywhere! I am linking it up to the new blog so you can always get to it.

Thanks for being on this crazy ride with me for all these years! Continue to follow the new blog for more photo goodness!

Update your blog reader and change your bookmarks to the new link:

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My So-Called Life: Victoria

I had a fabulous time with Victoria on her senior session. She was totally game for running/playing in the light. It was such fun!!! Enjoy these shots of a beautiful young lady!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

{Natasha & Matt} Norfolk, VA Wedding Photographer

Oh goodness. How to begin! Joe and I loved loved loved getting to spend time with Natasha and Matt on their wedding day. It was such a special time with friends and family in from all over the east coast. These two are absolutely amazing and treated us like we were one of the gang while we were in town. If some of the ladies at this wedding look familiar, it's because they are! Matt is Mandy's brother, who's wedding we shot at Childress Vineyards last year:) How fun! I love showing up to a wedding and seeing our past brides! and also feel honored to be shooting another wedding for their family!

Natasha's parent bought an old, historic ship captains home right on the ship yard in Portsmouth, VA. Let me just say this is the coolest/most amazing house I have ever seen! The history of it is incredible and was a great backdrop for our photos...complete with an english garden and wine cellar. I love that we got to take their photos around her home. Amazing! Matt and Natasha had a beautiful outdoor ceremony planned right on the edge of the water, but unfortunately, a MONSOON came in right in time to have to make a change of plans. The hotel where the ceremony was to be held whipped another space into shape and the two of them got married without a hitch! Their reception was held at the Norva, which is actually a music venue, but they totally transformed the space into a magical place for their guests to dance the night away. You two, everything was simply amazing and thanks for letting us be a part of it! Don't forget to watch the slideshow for more photos!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A sneak...

Until tomorrow, a sneak peak at Natasha and Matt's wedding!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Lindsey Lee Bride: Natasha

Oh my goodness! How Joe and I LOVED shooting Matt and Natasha's wedding in Portsmouth, VA. One thing I love about weddings that are destination for us is that it really gets the creative juices flowing. Being somewhere new, seeing new sights, it gets me all jazzed up for photo moments! The camera absolutely. loves. Natasha. It's one of those weird photo things that you can't describe, but sometimes coloring, posing, the light, the dress, the day, it all aligns and every photo is wonderful. That was how I would describe our time together- wonderful! Can't wait to tell you more about her wedding and the fun that is her family, but for now, enjoy just SOME of my favorites from her bridal session!