Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My so-called life: Kevin

Kevin is graduating this year- class of 2010 (other current seniors, it's not too late to get some snazzy pictures) He is already taking paramedic classes and knows that one day he really wants to be a doctor. Wow. Here are just some of my favorites. Happy Tuesday!


Friday, March 26, 2010


Two more stops on our Italy adventure...Florence was delightful: lots of shopping for leather goods, long walks, amazing amazing food, and pretty weather. One of our most favorite things of the whole trip was seeing The David in Florence. Many tour books told us to be prepared for very long waits to see some of the famous art that is in Florence, so we were shocked when we passed the door to see The David because there was no one in line. It was really awe-inspiring. In the Uffizzi Gallery, where so many great works of art live, they have been protecting art in the gallery for over 500 years. And we think something that is a hundred years old is old! Wow. Joe and I were pretty excited about getting a street artist to draw our picture. It was really fun to watch, but we do think we look a little young:) We like to think of it as a picture of us if we met when we were 15.

Here are some of my favorite shots from this magical town.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

My so-called life: Taylor

Wow- all the stars aligned on Taylor's Rep shoot that we scheduled for this week. It was perfect light, there was perfect color, she was a perfect angel to shoot. It was warm and breezy, which seemed to go with the look we were trying to achieve- that bohemian chic mood that I love so much. Girls- all it takes is a little trip to charlotte rouse or forever 21 to grab a couple of accessories- and you've got it!

These spots will fill up, so get in touch if you are interested in unique senior photos that defy the norm!

Love these.....


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jennifer & Matt- Engaged!

In the quaint little downtown of Belmont was where we shot Jennifer and Matt's engagement session. If you were outside this weekend, you know it was quite perfect weather, so we really lucked out. If only everyday I had sessions were as beautiful! These two are so fun and we had a blast roaming around!! I can't wait for their wedding this fall- mostly because they are going to have an 80's band, and we all know how much I love 80's music:) Seriously, love it. Enjoy these photos on this Tuesday!


Friday, March 19, 2010

my so-called life: Kelly

It's that time of year again, though I can hardly believe it! Senior time! I love these senior sessions and can't wait to meet a whole new batch of rising seniors this summer.

Kelly is my senior rep at JM Robinson high school. This was one of the most adventurous shoots that I have had, but mostly because I am a scarred-y-cat and it involved some Blair Witch maneuvers. Kelly, much more adventurous than I, had no problem tromping through the woods in her high heels. Thats a girl after my own heart right there.

Calling all Seniors: Get your senior sessions booked today! Space is limited so give me a shout through the contact page of my website for more information. And- don't forget to watch the slideshow at the bottom of the page for more photos from Kelly's session.


Um, Hello Cuteness





Thursday, March 18, 2010

More adventures- The Cinque Terre

When Joe and I set off to Italy, there was no great plan in place. We found some rooms online, knew roughly what day we wanted to be where, and that was about it. In my great effort to get freed up to get out of town, I did nothing to prepare. Anything that was a plan didn't get planned by me!! We basically got on a plane armed with a Rick Steve's Italy book. It was our guiding source to everything we did. If we would have lost that book, we would have been in some deep trouble! So, needless to say, we really had no clue what to expect because we didn't prepare for anything! For those of you who know me, this is so against everything I stand for with my type A personality it's not even funny.

Joe and I get along famously. We aren't one of those fussy couples, but there was one moment that I was SO mad I could hardly stand it. Joe didn't do anything wrong, necessarily...there was quite simply a train strike, which, obviously, was his fault. Clearly. It was his fault there was no where to sit in the train station, it was his fault it was raining, it was his fault that it was freezing cold, it was his fault my bag was heavy, and basically it was his fault that there was a train strike. Rational, I know! Ladies who read my blog- I know you can understand this.

Anywho, after the train strike decided to end and we finally left the train station after being there for about 5 hours, we arrived in the sleepy little region on the Italian Riviera called the Cinque Terre:)

This region consists of five little towns that have a population of around 500 each. We ate, we walked, we took pictures, we watched the sunset. It is a magical little place. This is where Joe had his favorite meal: Pesto Pasta. Sounds simple, but the pesto is made local just up the way, so it was absolutely delicious. This area was much more colorful, so I was in photo heaven! Take moment and look at these pictures and dream of summer;)


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

True Love- Ashton and Taylor

She had no clue she was getting a ring, which made their engagement so much fun. When she called her mom, Ashton didn't think her mom knew...but she did:)

I cannot wait for Ashton and Taylor's fall wedding at the Train Depot in Salisbury this November! We had such a great time on their engagement shoot- these two were game for anything. I had about a billion favorites, and though these two are some of the most fun-loving, smiley people I know- I was also taken in by their o-so-cute serious faces as well. If these don't make ya smile, I don't know what will! Happy Wednesday!

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The top left picture here is SO Ashton;) I had to inlcude it! All smiles all the time!


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See what I mean?

Engagement2 (3 of 8)

Engagement4 (4 of 8)

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I absolutely love this next picture. So serious and moody.

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