Friday, March 26, 2010


Two more stops on our Italy adventure...Florence was delightful: lots of shopping for leather goods, long walks, amazing amazing food, and pretty weather. One of our most favorite things of the whole trip was seeing The David in Florence. Many tour books told us to be prepared for very long waits to see some of the famous art that is in Florence, so we were shocked when we passed the door to see The David because there was no one in line. It was really awe-inspiring. In the Uffizzi Gallery, where so many great works of art live, they have been protecting art in the gallery for over 500 years. And we think something that is a hundred years old is old! Wow. Joe and I were pretty excited about getting a street artist to draw our picture. It was really fun to watch, but we do think we look a little young:) We like to think of it as a picture of us if we met when we were 15.

Here are some of my favorite shots from this magical town.


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