Monday, March 1, 2010

We're back!

Whew! 2 weeks and one cancelled flight later we are back in the land of cowboy boots and southern drawls. At the airport, when I saw camo in Charlotte, I was actually excited because it solidified that we were indeed back in the south! 40 hours trying to get home will do that to you!

I really have no words to explain how amazing our time was together on our trip. No phones, just each other and some amazing places. I will be sharing more in detail and showing lots of pictures here on the blog- but for now, here are just some snapshots of what is to come!

First there was Rome (so much to see, so little time)...

 (2 of 5)

Then Venice (my personal favorite)...
 (1 of 5)

On to the Cinque Terra (a sleepy little region)...

 (3 of 5)

Florence (where The David lives)...

 (4 of 5)

and finally Sienna (under the Tuscan sun)

 (5 of 5)

Can't wait to share more after all I crawl out from under the laundry and the email.

1 comment:

Wendy said...

Welcome Back Lindsey!!!
Looks like it was FABULOUS!
Can't wait to see more...
once you're able.