Monday, March 15, 2010

When in Rome...

I know it has been way too long since I have blogged. Life got a bit crazy there for a while! Right after Joe and I got back from Italy, I headed to Las Vegas for wppi- which was a conference for wedding and portrait photographers. So, after being there for a week, I am finally HOME! I have a ton of stuff to blog about this week, including our trip, a fun engagement shoot and a fabulous senior session (I'm still looking for more reps, anyone out there interested?)

I have been dying to get our pictures from the trip up here! I am going to start at the beginning: Rome. Day one of our trip was probably the "most exciting", but not for reasons you might think. After arriving early in the morning in Italy, we weren't able to check into our room yet. We left our bags and the front desk said there was a great market that was open only on that day, and that we should go check it out. Great! Off we went! We took a bus that she said would take us right there. We found the market, but didn't buy anything, just simply wondered around for a bit taking in all of the sights. When we decided to head back, we got back on the crowded bus to go back to the other part of the city, and this is where "exciting" took place.

I, Lindsey Lee, self proclaimed world traveler, was a woman...holding an infant. The good news is that she was unsuccessful(barely). Luckily a little Italian lady started yelling at me. What she was saying, I don't know, but I looked down to see my wallet literally dangling out of my tiny little bag that was wrapped around my arm and hanging right against my side. Apparently their method of attack is find a crowded place and crowd you in more, so you can't move, or look down, and that is how they get you! We were a little worried that since we hadn't been in Italy for even 5 hours yet, that this was not a good sign. Luckily, it wasn't and we had a great time!

We saw the Colosseum, the Pantheon, where Caesar was killed, the Vatican, all the marble, statues, brick that you could ever want to see. We went in museum after museum and ate until we dropped. We kept the streets hot! There was a little lack of color in Rome for my taste, but just you wait until we go to the Cinque Terre. You should recognize some of these famous sights.


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tdorsey said...

WOW !!! Lindsey.... Those are some great pics and looks like you guys got to see it all. Love to see your pics but I love to read your blog also.

Wendy said...

Call me stoopid, but i'm asking anyway:
What do you mean, "looking for more reps"?!
Please tell!

Your photos are GORGEOUS Lindsey!!!

chelsea said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! i just love them.

Bailey Ayn said...

AMAZINGNESS!!! The pictures are gorgeous!!!!!

kristin said...

Absolutely Beautiful!

Lindsey Lee Lancaster Hartsell said...

thanks ya'll! Joe took a bunch of these:)

and Wendy- looking for Senior Reps for high school senior pics. Found most of them!