Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stealing cuteness from dogs everywhere....Darby

It's true, Darby actually steals the cuteness from other dogs. Ok, I get it.I know. I am already THAT girl. But really, how can you help it when you have THIS to look at?! I don't even try. I am in love. with a dog. She is the most snugglycuteamazingpreciousdelicious little bear in the whole world. For those of you who can't get enough, here is more Darby!


Since she is technically "Joe's dog", we are going to try and get these two shots of her at each of her photo shoots. It will be fun to watch as she stops being little and turns into a much bigger snugglycuteamazingpreciousdelicious big bear.


It was pretty hot, so she was panting a lot. I couldn't get her to make my favorite face which is closed mouth and ears perked up. Next time.


{Alex & Steven} Greensboro Wedding Photographer

Alex and Steven's wedding was absolutely beautiful in Brown's Summit, NC with a reception at the awesome Kress Terrace in downtown Greensboro. One of my favorite parts was that Alex and Steven had arranged for us to take photos at a nearby farm that was absolutely picture perfect!

The cool ties that matched the dresses PERFECTLY were made by a friend of the family who owns an up and coming tie and neckwear company. Future brides, don't forget about Lumina as they can match any fabric to any dress! Amazing! I know they are really going to go places! Enjoy this sneak peak of a beautiful wedding....and don't forget to press play at the bottom for more photos:)

Love Joe's shot of the shoes!


The girls were totally game to get out in a "busy" Brown Summit street to take photos in front of this famous BS landmark. Love!


Alex, you are killing me!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Internet, I am completely behind. on all things. in life. When I think about the 30,000 images I have to go through right now I can get just a little bit overwhelmed. My go-to coping mechanism is to refuse to look at the computer and then just get on the floor and play with Darby (a serious decrease to overall productivity). This must stop! Lindsey- get a grip! You can do it!

Then, though, I look at the people who I get to work with and a smile comes to my face and I am so grateful for this life that I get to live. I have the absolute best clients that are beautiful inside and out. I am especially grateful for the all the seniors I get to celebrate a landmark with. Graduation!!! Life is so bright and full of promise and I am reminded to slow down and breathe it in. Here are just a few of the ones to come to the blog soon....

Erica...you know of my love for red-heads. It is undying. she is also an amazing soccer player. Some people have all the luck!


Kaitlyn...Taylor Swift hair. I want it. Someone please tell my thin and body-less hair to change. Thanks.


Ashley...Those brown eyes will capture you and suck you in. She also lifeguards. I am sure every middle school boy is in love with her. who can blame them.


Shelby. Um, hello gorgeous. Blue eyes for days. You will have to wait for her whole post to see the magic that was Shelby in her ballerina outfit.


Tara. Giving Brooke Shields a run for her money. nuff said.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bridals: Alex

Joe and I drove up to Brown Summit a few weeks ago for Alex's bridal photos. Little did we know that one of those horrible summer storms was going to follow us the whole way. The day we had picked was really the only day that worked so we decided to take a chance. The rain was coming, we could see and hear it, so we busted out her whole session in about 30 minutes. Alex was a total rockstar!!! She turned on her inner model and didn't let the weather deter her from being a bride! Her wedding photos to come soon but for now enjoy these...


Monday, August 23, 2010

my so-called life: william

William is a stud. Seriously. He came to the shoot ready to model and totally killed it. I loved it! He is a total natural and we had a blast on our early morning shoot. It was a cloudy day which gave us free reign- gotta love that!. Happy Monday(barely!).


look at those baby blues....


Friday, August 20, 2010

Kelli and Drew- True Love

Love is in the air all the time around here! Kelli and Drew are no exception. These two are just adorable, and photogenic to boot. They kill me with their cuteness! Enjoy this sneak peak you two.....


Thursday, August 19, 2010

{caroline & luke} winston salem, nc wedding photographer

Oh these two. Caroline and Luke, I just love them to death. Their day was amazing with a church ceremony in Kernersville and then a fabulous party down reception at the Millennium Center. When rain threatened to rain on their parade, us girls scooted over to the Millennium Center which turned out to be awesome amazing light for our before photos. The boys were good sports and made outside work with some gigantic umbrellas and kept smiles on their faces the whole time!

My favorite part of the day was when everyone, and by everyone I mean the whole wedding party and all 10 grandparents DANCED, and I mean DANCED down the isle of the church. Needless to say the song had to restart ten times, but everyone was so thrilled with the show that their guests were clapping and getting so into it.....and this was BEFORE the reception! Amazing! It was also fun to see Kelly and Eric at the wedding....Luke was a groomsman in their wedding so there were lots of our favorite people there to celebrate with. Enjoy just some of my favorites and don't forget to watch the slideshow below.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

my so-called life: amber and nikki

Ok so it's an extreme senior post! These two lovely ladies are fraternal twins and we turned their senior session into one long gigantic girl fest! I loved it! Then, since I couldn't decide who to post first, I'm posting it combined:) These two are absolute doll babies and we had a great time posing, changing, laughing, and of course sweating! Enjoy the sneak peak you two...


twins5twins1 copytwins4twins3

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meet Darby

This here little amazing bundle of cuteness is Darby. She is a goldendoodle- which is part golden retriever and part standard poodle...and I am totally smitten with her. Another special thing about her coming to our little family is that she is Joe's first dog ever. I took these photos to commemorate her arrival tonight real quick before the sun went down. I'm already turning into "that girl" gushing over her all the time, but she really is amazing. Don't worry, I am sure you will all get the updates as she grows and becomes even more wonderful.

look at those lashes. melt my heart.


She is just learning her name when we tell her to come, but tonight Joe was getting her to run all around so we could take these...


Bridals: Caroline

Blogging is going to be out of control this week! The sketchy internet at the beach has gotten me a little behind on the blog, but don't you worry- I will be making up for lost time! Up now is Caroline's bridals. I can't wait to show you her and Luke's Millennium Center reception later this week. Caroline has one of my most favorite "serious" faces of all times. Love it!

Oh, and we have a new little addition around LLP, so I will be posting pictures of her most precious face later in the week, too! Get excited!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

{heather & stephen} concord, nc wedding photographer

Oh how I love Heather and Stephen! Their wedding, though, does win for hottest wedding of the year. So much so, that we resorted to taking a lot of their photos inside. Luckily, though, First Presbyterian in Concord has one of the greatest places for the bride to get ready. It is a beautiful old home that has amazing furniture and great natural light. Props to the boys for putting up with the heat while wearing four layers of clothing. You gotta give it to a guy in a tux! First Pres also has one of the most amazing sanctuaries I have ever shot in. There are windows EVERYWHERE and the whole aisle is made of hardwood floors. Heather and Stephen were calm all day and you could tell they were ready to become man and wife. Joe and I loved being a part of their day and getting to celebrate with them and their amazing families. Congrats!!!!

Don't forget to click play at the bottom for a slideshow of more photos.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My so-called life: Taylor

I just love this girl! Taylor is another wonderful senior that I get to play, have fun and take georgious pictures with! I have the best job! She will kill you with her sweet doe-eyes and beautiful hair that most would kill to have. She was a natural in front of the camera and I enjoyed just getting to hang out with her for a while. Then, she told me where she got a pair of shoes that she had, which I directly went out and got. That's right, I use my fashion forward seniors to get style advice. There, my secret it out! Enjoy these!