Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stealing cuteness from dogs everywhere....Darby

It's true, Darby actually steals the cuteness from other dogs. Ok, I get it.I know. I am already THAT girl. But really, how can you help it when you have THIS to look at?! I don't even try. I am in love. with a dog. She is the most snugglycuteamazingpreciousdelicious little bear in the whole world. For those of you who can't get enough, here is more Darby!


Since she is technically "Joe's dog", we are going to try and get these two shots of her at each of her photo shoots. It will be fun to watch as she stops being little and turns into a much bigger snugglycuteamazingpreciousdelicious big bear.


It was pretty hot, so she was panting a lot. I couldn't get her to make my favorite face which is closed mouth and ears perked up. Next time.


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Laura said...

Too too CUTE! Makes me want to see what kind of wonderful pictures you can capture of my two :)