Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Internet, I am completely behind. on all things. in life. When I think about the 30,000 images I have to go through right now I can get just a little bit overwhelmed. My go-to coping mechanism is to refuse to look at the computer and then just get on the floor and play with Darby (a serious decrease to overall productivity). This must stop! Lindsey- get a grip! You can do it!

Then, though, I look at the people who I get to work with and a smile comes to my face and I am so grateful for this life that I get to live. I have the absolute best clients that are beautiful inside and out. I am especially grateful for the all the seniors I get to celebrate a landmark with. Graduation!!! Life is so bright and full of promise and I am reminded to slow down and breathe it in. Here are just a few of the ones to come to the blog soon.... know of my love for red-heads. It is undying. she is also an amazing soccer player. Some people have all the luck!


Kaitlyn...Taylor Swift hair. I want it. Someone please tell my thin and body-less hair to change. Thanks.


Ashley...Those brown eyes will capture you and suck you in. She also lifeguards. I am sure every middle school boy is in love with her. who can blame them.


Shelby. Um, hello gorgeous. Blue eyes for days. You will have to wait for her whole post to see the magic that was Shelby in her ballerina outfit.


Tara. Giving Brooke Shields a run for her money. nuff said.


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