Thursday, August 19, 2010

{caroline & luke} winston salem, nc wedding photographer

Oh these two. Caroline and Luke, I just love them to death. Their day was amazing with a church ceremony in Kernersville and then a fabulous party down reception at the Millennium Center. When rain threatened to rain on their parade, us girls scooted over to the Millennium Center which turned out to be awesome amazing light for our before photos. The boys were good sports and made outside work with some gigantic umbrellas and kept smiles on their faces the whole time!

My favorite part of the day was when everyone, and by everyone I mean the whole wedding party and all 10 grandparents DANCED, and I mean DANCED down the isle of the church. Needless to say the song had to restart ten times, but everyone was so thrilled with the show that their guests were clapping and getting so into it.....and this was BEFORE the reception! Amazing! It was also fun to see Kelly and Eric at the wedding....Luke was a groomsman in their wedding so there were lots of our favorite people there to celebrate with. Enjoy just some of my favorites and don't forget to watch the slideshow below.



janie said...

ok . . . so i majorly {heart} the apples used as decorations, the apple photo at the top, the umbrella photos and the photo of them on the bench together.

also, love your lighting in the reception!! i am taking notes. you guys are so good lindsey and joe!

JuJu said...

WOW - absolutely stunning pictures! And the slideshow? Fuhgeddaboudit! Awesome!
Congratulations Luke & Caroline - Love you both!

chelsea said...

i'm pretty obsessed with all the umbrella pictures. i want some of those at my wedding someday - rain or not. thanks.