Thursday, March 18, 2010

More adventures- The Cinque Terre

When Joe and I set off to Italy, there was no great plan in place. We found some rooms online, knew roughly what day we wanted to be where, and that was about it. In my great effort to get freed up to get out of town, I did nothing to prepare. Anything that was a plan didn't get planned by me!! We basically got on a plane armed with a Rick Steve's Italy book. It was our guiding source to everything we did. If we would have lost that book, we would have been in some deep trouble! So, needless to say, we really had no clue what to expect because we didn't prepare for anything! For those of you who know me, this is so against everything I stand for with my type A personality it's not even funny.

Joe and I get along famously. We aren't one of those fussy couples, but there was one moment that I was SO mad I could hardly stand it. Joe didn't do anything wrong, necessarily...there was quite simply a train strike, which, obviously, was his fault. Clearly. It was his fault there was no where to sit in the train station, it was his fault it was raining, it was his fault that it was freezing cold, it was his fault my bag was heavy, and basically it was his fault that there was a train strike. Rational, I know! Ladies who read my blog- I know you can understand this.

Anywho, after the train strike decided to end and we finally left the train station after being there for about 5 hours, we arrived in the sleepy little region on the Italian Riviera called the Cinque Terre:)

This region consists of five little towns that have a population of around 500 each. We ate, we walked, we took pictures, we watched the sunset. It is a magical little place. This is where Joe had his favorite meal: Pesto Pasta. Sounds simple, but the pesto is made local just up the way, so it was absolutely delicious. This area was much more colorful, so I was in photo heaven! Take moment and look at these pictures and dream of summer;)



Caroline@carolinecollie said...

Those were b-e-a-u-tiful, Lindsey! Your next adventure should be to South Africa... There are some amazing subjects in this neck of the woods! :)

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