Monday, October 3, 2011

Lindsey Lee Bride: Natasha

Oh my goodness! How Joe and I LOVED shooting Matt and Natasha's wedding in Portsmouth, VA. One thing I love about weddings that are destination for us is that it really gets the creative juices flowing. Being somewhere new, seeing new sights, it gets me all jazzed up for photo moments! The camera absolutely. loves. Natasha. It's one of those weird photo things that you can't describe, but sometimes coloring, posing, the light, the dress, the day, it all aligns and every photo is wonderful. That was how I would describe our time together- wonderful! Can't wait to tell you more about her wedding and the fun that is her family, but for now, enjoy just SOME of my favorites from her bridal session!



Sarah said...

These are breathtakingly beautiful.

Michelle said...

OMG! Lindsey, you are the best! Can't wait to see more!

Robin said...

Beautiful bride and dress!