Friday, January 23, 2009

So we got married

On January 3rd it became official!  Joe and I got married, and I must say, it was AMAZING.  Not only do I think everything about it was perfect, I happen to think it was the best wedding ever! (Ok, maybe I am a little biased:))  Many of you have been patiently waiting to see pictures, so here they are!  Big ups to my mom for basically doing everything.  She should probably retire from being a funeral director and be a wedding planner (are the two jobs so different???)  But really, on September 22 we said we were getting married January 3rd.  'Ole Robi Dobi- affectionately call by many- was up to the challenge!  It was wonderful and perfect and everything we could have asked for.  I hope you enjoy some pictures.  There are too many to post even a general sampling, but here is just a blush at what was the best day of my life.....marrying the love of my life, Joseph Hartsell.
In random order:

All wedding makeup was done by Molly, owner of Bella Amore.
Check her out, she is awesome and does makeup for many of the girls I shoot.

Meet Cooper, and his little John John suit.  AMAZING

When Joe tried to lift my veil.  PS- you weren't suppose to lift it
4 Generations
I jut really like this picture of everyone laughing.  Notice, though, how Julia is still in character.
My bouquet!  We used my dad's 1940 Ford truck as out get-a-way car.  It made for some awesome shots.

My word:  RED

Cake we didn't shove it in each other's faces.  There was some pre-warning about that...:)
This is my favorite picture of Joe, possibly ever
I definitely recommend the Craig Woolard Band.  They kept the party going and were so talented.   They are a shag band and the best out there- give them a call!
Joe and I showing off our shag moves in our first dance!  All of those lessons finally paid off!

A little formal pic
Entering reception

I just really like this picture
Bridesmaids and flower girl
This is Joe's favorite picture.  I love how the dads to the left can hardly jump...Joe's brother Ellis is in a ball, and Joe looks like he is floating.  Wonderful

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Natalee Giddings said...

love the pics!!! but i want to see them all! i guess gnat has to make her way up there again soon so i can get the full exposure to the pics! love you! :)