Friday, January 30, 2009

Ella and Lucy

So I am sitting on a ton of stuff that needs to get posted,  so sorry to my dedicated blog followers who probably wonder why I never ad new stuff!  Well I have been working on all the new things to come to Lindsey Lee Photography, so you all will have to stay tuned.  There is going to be lots of new stuff on the site really soon including a little bit of a new look.  Wednesday, though, I took pictures of two Cutie McCuties.  Meet Ella and Lucy.  Ella is about to have her 3rd birthday and Lucy is just a couple of months old.  I have about 100 favorites, but these couple really stood out!
Love Crazy Baby Hair
Hmm....maybe that is why Lucy has crazy baby hair?

Ella's favorite swing.  Isn't her outfit just precious?
It wasn't raining, but it had been, and Ella really wanted to play with her umbrella in her rain boots. 
This was the shot taken right after Ella's dad told her there was a little man in the camera that she should try and look for......mass confusion ensued, but this picture is priceless.  She was really trying to find him in the lense.
After playing with Ella, we snuck back up to take some shots of Lucy in her crib.
Turns out she was awake and playing!  Love this picture

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Natalee Giddings said...

Love these Linds! my favorites are the umbrella ones and the one where she is looking into the camera for the little man.