Thursday, July 9, 2009

Better late than never! Happy 4th!

Being at the beach so much, I have gotten really behind here in the office!  So, I will take a slap on the hand for not posting this sooner!  Here is a little collage from my 4th at Oak Island.  I was too far away from any amazing fireworks (although we could see them) to get any good pictures, so here are some from off the pier.  Looking down the whole shore and being able to see fireworks all the way down the island was pretty cool though.  

I would now like to take this opportunity to thank the nice man from Concord who we met at the gas station in the middle of somewhere on the way home from the beach.  You see what had happened was I managed to lock the keys in the car (in my defense, I thought Joe had them) while parked at the pump at the small gas station that was swamped from all of the beach traffic.  So, don't mind us while we sit here and take up this pump for the next hour waiting on AAA while a line of traffic waits on a pump out onto the highway.  Sorry!  Joe was going to tell the poor guy behind us, who was now kind of trapped with their big truck and trailer that they were pulling that he would help to guide them around us .  Next thing we know, the nice man and his son jumps out of the car (I didn't know what they were going to do?  Push us out of their way?  Why were they getting out of the car?)  Well in about two seconds it became clear that he had a lock out thingymabob in his truck toolkit and had our car unlocked in less than 5 minutes!  YAY!  Thanks you so much mystery man!  You saved the day and us a lot of money calling a lockout service on a Sunday!  

4th July

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