Wednesday, December 9, 2009

{Sweets & Critiques} Chapstick and Garbage

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a girl who has never had a hard time making a decision ( remember that time I planned a wedding in 90-something days?), always has an opinion, will stand up for anyone, and *sometimes* will stick a foot in her mouth. I am starting a new feature here on the blog that is going to be called {Sweets & Critiques}. Goodness knows I always have something to say and since Joe doesn't get home from work until 5 to listen to me blabber, I have to tell someone! Internet- YOU are that person! It will be a feature about things that I am really sweet on right now and things that I think need a little critiquing. So here, is the first addition of {Sweets & Critiques}!

This week's CRITIQUES go to:
*Winter! Oh how I thought I was ready, but it's cold out there. really cold. I know I will regret this statement in July when I am shooting a wedding and picking out shirt colors that will hide excessive body sweat, but for now, I am just cold. Pass the Hot Chocolate Please!

*Garbage falling out of the garbage into your driveway and road when the garbage truck comes. I know that I should have every piece of garbage bagged in the can (are there people out there that actually do this?) Well, we did have everything bagged, except for the one day last week when we emptied the vacuum cleaner canister in there straight out of the vacuum. It wasn't just a little bit either, people. I am talking a vacuuming of the whole house, even baseboards, and putting up Christmas decorations and sucking up all of the extra "stuff" that results of putting up decorations. Result: All sorts of dirt/glitter/tree needles and carpet fuzz all over the driveway and road (read: Lindsey out in the yard and driveway with a plastic bag trying to get up all of the dirt/glitter/tree needles/carpet fuzz from blowing all over the neighborhood)

This week's SWEETS go out to:

*Arbonne Lip Saver Chap-stick (spf 30). Seriously, people, this is the best chap-stick I have ever used. Joe's mom got me hooked on it, and I swear I buy 4 tubes at a time. My mom and sister do the same! The price will shock you for a silly tube of chap-stick, but you would gladly pay ten times after you realize the amazingness that is this chap-stick. Shoot me an email and I will get you in touch with my rep so you can get it too!
*The Twilight Series. Hello, my name is Lindsey, and I was previously a hater. I would like to apologize to all that I offended when I scoffed at you for loving a vampire. I would also like to take this opportunity to confess outright that I am in love with this series. Please, all other lovers, forgive me for joining the bandwagon so late....but, now that I am here, please accept me with open arms. Thank you. The only regret I have is that I was not in the know about the wonderment of this series sooner. I will be reading all of the books next week and will not sleep until I finish them.
*Clark's Wallabees. I got these shoes for Christmas back in 2001 and they are still going strong (granted, they might not look as hot as they once did) Now that I am having more and more feet problems (bunions and arthritis in my toes, thanks Granmaw) These shoes are my life saver. If I know I have to have on shoes all day and walk a lot, I always put these guys on. They have been through everything with me and I love them dearly. Going on ten years strong, I would say that's a good value! A big SWEET to these shoes!

And because a post isn't the same without a picture, here is a shot of just one of the cuties to come!

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Margo said...

I must tell you that I am a Twilight lover. I have been since the first movie and you will love the books. Your post was great. I had to read it aloud so that my boyfriend could join in my laughter. I miss you a lot and wish I could hang out with you!! P.S. I know that I haven't told you before but your pictures are A-MAZING!!!!!