Monday, December 28, 2009

Family Love- The Maher's

I can honestly say that I haven't laughed to the point of crying in a really long time. I broke that streak yesterday when working with The Maher's. These 4 boys had me laughing so hard I could barely see through my made for such an easy and fun shoot! Ladies, I am sure you are wondering the dating status of these boys...although I am not totally sure, I know I could find out for you! ;) Happy viewing this fun family!

 (6 of 6)maher4maher3 (5 of 6)maher5 (4 of 6) (3 of 6)maher2 (2 of 6) (1 of 6)maher1


Wendy said...

Four boys... all cute...
She still has hair...
and the two of them are still together?!?!?

I DO believe in miracles!

Beautiful photos Lindsey.

Lindsey Lee Lancaster Hartsell said...

it's true Wendy! Thanks:)