Monday, November 23, 2009

Bellyshoot- Karen and Eddie

After a rain out last week, I was finally able to meet up with Karen and Eddie to do a bellyshoot. This is their first baby, they know it is a boy, and I was so excited to meet them and celebrate with them during this exciting time in their lives. They made the drive from Columbia for the Panther's game, so it actually worked out to do the shoot the next day as opposed to the special trip they were going to make for our original shoot date. I just love it when the stars align!

During one the Karen's outfit changes, Eddie, who was so excited to be doing this shoot with his beautiful wife (no, he seriously was super excited-other guys, take note:)) looked at me and said this was just so awesome because he has been in love with Karen since she was 13. Melt my heart! They are such an awesome couple and I hope our paths cross again soon!


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Karen, you are stunning.

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Loving, as always, this red!

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This is when I queued the wind. Check!

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