Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hef and CT- Engaged!

Hef (ok so her name is really Heather, but nobody calls her that) and CT are such a fun and awesome couple! Last week I met them in Shelby for their engagement shoot. Hef works for young life there and CT just moved to town so they could be together. (collective awwwww) But here is the funny thing: both of their last names are Turner. So, Hef won't even have to change her name! Ha! I find this incredibly intriguing. It was so fun to be in Shelby with them and Hef had some great locations picked out- and we even found a couple more along the way. They are going to have their wedding in Shelby next spring and I can't wait! I am crazy in love with these photos....

a little engagement reenactment
engagement1engagement2 (1 of 10)

engagement3 (6 of 10) (7 of 10)

 (3 of 10) (5 of 10)

engagement4 (4 of 10) (10 of 10)

 (8 of 10) (9 of 10)



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Blair said...

These are so good!
You've such a great job leelee!!!

chelsea said...

these are amazing and i love them! (and hef, for that matter!) great job!