Monday, November 2, 2009

Fabulous at 40

This is my fabulous friend Debbie. She is embracing her 40's with a photo shoot! She was in town for Leah's wedding, so in all of that craziness we snuck off for an hour to snap these photos. While Leah and I consistently try and convince her to move to NC from the much too-fast-paced California, she manages to keep eluding us...Come and stay a while Deb! I loved our time together! And I love your sassiness and spirit in these pics!

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Janie said...

I love the one of her looking up at you. Her eyes look gorgeous and the depth of field rocks. I also really like the one with her hands on her hips and the road in the background. She looks adorable in it. Man, I miss fall colors. There is NOTHING like that down here. What lens do you use for these photo shoots? I am buying a new one and trying to decide what to get.