Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My so-called life: David

Last week, when it was supposed to rain all week, then didn't...David and I rescheduled his evening shoot for a cooler, and hopefully dryer morning shoot. GREAT idea! We headed up to NoDa to shoot around all the fun colors there. It was great fun, not quite as disgustingly hot, and an all around good time! There is one fun story to share- on the way up 29 a disgruntled morning crazy commuter lady practically ran us off the road and yelled at us. Why? We aren't completely sure, but the consensus was that she was mad that we didn't start going 80 mph's from a stop light. How dare us!! Get that woman to work STAT! Anyways:) Enjoy!

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Wendy said...

The one where he's standing in the middle of the road?
(We know David G. My daughter's friend used to "date" him, and they went to school together...)

Lovin' your blog, Lindsey! =-)