Monday, August 3, 2009

meghan and tyler - engaged!!!

I absolutely refuse to admit that I am getting older...that reality, however, comes crashing down on me when I realize that many of my favorite high school girls are getting MARRIED!!!  Ok, so I still think that Meghan should be a sophomore in high school, sitting at the lunch table- but the fact of the matter is that she has met the love of her life, Tyler, and that she is growing up on me and getting married next summer.  There are so many things that I could say about Meghan.  For starters, she is someone who ALWAYS has a smile on her face (see pictures below:))  She is such an amazing daughter, sister, and friend and I am THRILLED to death that she has met someone worthy of her love!  

Our shoot was touch and go all day wondering if the rain was going to come down on us.  We decided to go for it- although the rain did drench us at the end.  We started at Meghan's family farm- which was perfect and amazing.  I love that this is a place that is so close to their family. We even visited the horses- they lost interest after they realized we didn't have any food. We were a little stressed over the looming storm, but still managed to have a lot of fun playing and laughing.  I bet there weren't 5 pictures in all that I took that someone isn't laughing or smiling.  I LOVE that. ( ya'll know I'm a sucker for laughter).  Enjoy just a few of my favorites!

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