Friday, August 21, 2009

My So-called life: Grace

Seniors Seniors Everywhere!  I love it!  I have so much fun on these shoots!  I love seeing what outfits the students are going to show up with...a lot of times that really determines the tone of the shoot and I get very (sometimes overly) excited seeing what everyone brought.  If one thing can be determined for sure- it is that teens these days have really good taste at the age of 17.  They are cuter at their age than I was at 23! 

 Anyway, meet Grace!  Everyone knows that I love red hair, well my next favorite would have to be the color of Grace's (see below).  She is a ray of sunshine with amazing gold flecks in her eyes.  Beautiful!  After shooting in the city some we headed out to the country to visit Grace's horse, Penny.  The thing about Penny is she tells Grace what to do, not the other way around!  We still love her though- even though she did bite Grace's finger thinking it was grass (easy mistake).  Still, we got some amazing shots of Penny and Grace.  I love them all- enjoy!

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One of my top favs.

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I told you about those gold flecks!

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This is the shot where I think Grace should be on the set of "The Last of the Mohicans".  I'm enchanted.

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Horse Kisses.

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