Thursday, August 20, 2009

My so-called life: Haley

What I think I love most about My so-called life: SENIORS sessions it that every session has some sense of adventure.  I don't always know what we are going to do ( I mean, there is a loose plan) or what we might come across, climb on, find, but I know we are going to have a great time doing it!  This time of life is so exciting, entering your senior year, and I love getting to capture the moments!  Haley wasn't too excited about an early morning shoot (in fact, I'm pretty sure she thought I was lying about what time we needed to meet).  All of my evening times were taken and it was a pretty hard sell, but wow did it pay off.  There is something so special about the morning light and we had the perfect spot picked out. I love all of the haze from the morning sun, Haley's curly hair ( here I am, still, with my stick-straight, wimpy, limpy hair) Not to even mention those green-to-die-for eyes.  The camera loves her- and I hope you love these!

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Joe and I both have this one as one of our favorites.

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I usually try and avoid shots where the light is really strong, but I love this picture.

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This truck has been in her family for years- she loves it, and I do too. What a cool color.

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