Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Laura and Jeremy- True Love

They went to Hawaii for business...they went skydiving.....they landed and he proposed(ring taped in the pocket the whole time)! That's their story- and how fun is that!?!

I am a wimp, well not really a wimp, but I am definitely not a thrill seeker. So the thought of going skydiving(never in a million years) and then the thought of having the guts to propose right after- that's more than I can handle- but I absolutely love Jeremy and Laura's engagement story. I am so excited about their wedding next May and this past weekend we did their engagement pictures.

And...because it's Tuesday....and because I have made you wait for a blog update...and because I have so many more blog goodies...and because this shoot had the most amazingdeliciousyummy light ever I am going to give a SUPER preview! Enjoy!

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chelsea said...

the black and white one with the LOVE letters is so fantastic!