Friday, September 25, 2009

Lifestyle Portraits- Aly

Oh, to be young and fun again (ok, so I'm not THAT old, thankyouverymuch). But seriously, to be a senior in college and have the world as my oyster again. Would I change anything? Absolutely not. I worked for Young Life, I met my husband, I re-discovered my passion for photography....but there is something so special about this time of life. senior year. of college. If you had to do it over- would you change anything?

You've now had REAL life experience. You've moved away, you've made new friends. You are coming to the end of something wonderful and life-changing and starting something new and exciting in just a few short months. But then I forget about how stressful it was: what was I going TO DO with the rest of my life? I will miss my friends. Will anyone ever hire me?

If I go back and read my journal from my Senior Year, I would probably laugh at myself. That is why I think it is SO AWESOME that I have a couple of lifestyle sessions lined up for seniors in college. I would love to have images of what I was like...then. I would love to have some photos of me that didn't include being dressed up for a skit from that year of my life. I did go to a formal. My best friend, Leah, and I wore 80's prom dresses. Yea, we took it seriously. I didn't walk in graduation. There aren't even any cheesy cap and gown pictures of me from college (remind me to check around for my diploma to make sure I graduated.) So that is why these pictures are so special. Senior Year.

Meet Aly. I would especially love shots of me from my senior year if I was this stinkin' cute and had such stinkin' cute clothes. All future clients please take note of the amazingness that is Aly's wardrobe ( or her roommate's, but hey, that the beauty of college- A HUGE wardrobe) I never have people to share clothes with anymore. Joe's clothes don't fit me quite as good as Leah's did. Wait a minute, Leah's didn't fit either- dang it. Ok, my sisters clothes, when I came home and stole them from her closet and took them back to my apartment. Yea. I don't have a large wardrobe anymore. I digress- meet Aly. She is awesome.

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