Friday, September 4, 2009

My so-called life: Emily

Emily was another one of my senior reps. We set out to do her official shoot two days ago. Let me just mention that I am so excited the cool weather is here! No more sweating for whole entire sessions! Wahoo!

I love getting to spend time with Emily. She is involved in YL, which I love talking about with people. Out of all of our adventures, the best part of our session was not getting eaten by raccoon's. No really, we were shooting near this little hole, and I am getting Em all set up, then out pops a raccoon out of the hole that is literally 1 foot away. I scream and run away, leaving Emily to fend for herself (sorry). Then, later, the raccoon and a friend raccoon were following us wherever we went. I'm not afraid of much, but that raccoon for some reason had me really spooked and jumpy for the rest of the time! Loved this shoot- enjoy!

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This might be my fav.

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