Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Baby Love- Elliot

You may remember Mat and Katie from their Bellyshoot from a couple of months ago. You know, she was the one that captivated all of you with her georgious eyes and amazing confidence...yea, her. We love her. She now hangs on a canvas in my office. She will forever be pregnant in Lindsey Lee Photography land.

But the baby did come! Saturday their precious little gift arrived and I headed over yesterday to capture their new family as they figure out this crazy new journey together. Katie looks amazing and calm...Mat looks frazzled:), but in all of that they have this new little bundle that is absolutely perfect. I mean perfect- these two people who loved each other now have this new person to love and care for. This is how we know that there is a God that loves us. This is a four day old baby. This is a miracle.

 (7 of 10) (8 of 10)

elliot1elliot3copyelliot 1 copyelliot3 (1 of 10) (2 of 10) (3 of 10) (4 of 10)

 (9 of 10) (10 of 10) (5 of 10) (6 of 10)

photoshoot over. baby hungry. but seriously, how can you not love even this cry face?

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