Friday, September 18, 2009

My so-called life: Jaz

Another beautiful senior! Meet Jaz. Besides being young, fun and fabulous....she is Wake-Forest or some other amazing college-bound! Go Jaz!

I don't want to hurry life away- or hurry away summer....but boy is it exciting to not be shooting in 97 degree weather. We had the perfect day for her shoot and I had lots of fun locations picked out. You will also notice a new fun chair I got at the Hillsville flea market (oh flea markets, how I love thee). That's a whole other blog post- but I sure was excited to use it with Jaz and it happened to go perfectly with one of her outfits.

I am always amazed with the grace and poise my clients have, and Jaz is no exception. She will captivate ya- watch out! Enjoy!

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I like the serious face and the smile face. You get both.

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Janie said...

Great shots! I love her eyes in the first one!! Beautiful girl and I love the new chair. ;)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Girl and hard to believe
that she is only a senior. All were stunning!!!!