Thursday, September 17, 2009

Building a Fashionable Future- Habitat for Humanity

Last week I photographed a fashion show put on by Habitat for Humanity. This is a wonderful organization that really cares about the community! I have seemed to have lost my program- so here is a picture of one! I want you all to know who donated these clothes to the show, so I will edit this post with that info as soon as I get it. It was a great night that many women in the community worked very hard to make a success. Here are just a couple of shots from the event...

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How cute is this red outfit?!
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Some of the jewelry was provided by The Bead lady. Love this turquoise necklace....and with the mustard color.
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This was my favorite top from the much so that I went out today and got one VERY similar at Target. I should have probably went and got this one to support this store that supported HforH, but that thought just occurred to me as I am writing this. Next time!

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chelsea said...

Ahhh they're fabulous! I knew you would do a great job! Our staff is thrilled with these and I'm so excited to have them as a way to remember this special event.
Thank you!