Monday, January 25, 2010

Gracie turns 1!

We've been watching her grow...and she turned 1 last week! Sweet little baby Gracie had her first birthday, and we kicked off the celebration the day before with her one year old photo shoot. Her dad works at the golf course, so we had our own cart to roam around in. I am now making access to golf carts a requirement for all sessions! (just kidding, but it was AMAZING). We just loaded up all our junk and went to town all over the 18 holes! Never-mind that people were trying to play golf and work on their swing and focus on the ball ( or whatever it is that you do when you play golf) . Enjoy this sweet sweet girl...Gracie will put a smile on your face this Monday.

Gracie1 (1 of 6) (2 of 6)Gracie2 (3 of 6) (4 of 6) (5 of 6) (6 of 6)Gracie3

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Anonymous said...

Lindsey Lee Photography is WONDERFUL...I am so blessed to have such amazing photos of my little girl as she grows! Thanks Lindsey!