Sunday, June 7, 2009

No, really, it's a quarter....

This past weekend was wedding-free, so my family directly took advantage of my free-ness to put me in charge of a yard sale to help clean out my Great-Grandmaw's house- as she know lives with my grandparents. Many of my close friends have come to know and love my great-grandmaw, Helen. I don't know if it was delirium from going to bed at 2 and waking up at 5, but Joe, my sister and I had quite the time at the sale.

I decided to make a list of my favorite things about the yard sale:
1. Finding out that my great-grandmother had an affinity for "sketchy things". Seriously, if it was a joke about something sketchy, she had it hung up, written down, owned a picture about it, etc. She is 92 years old, people.
2. Meeting Kim and Mitchell. We met Kim and Mitchell at the yard sale. We became fast friends and spent an hour selling them things at our yard sale. We immediately learned their taste and would even call them over to show them things we thought they might like...and then convince them of all the reasons they needed and loved this item.  At lunch, my aunt asked how we knew them. We didn't, we met them at the yard sale. "Well, from the way you were talking to them, we thought you knew them from before". Here at our yard sale, we really get to know our customers....that's called service.
3. Finding out that Joe is really good at 'Sales'.
4. Not understanding why people were having a hard time figuring out who to pay when the signs CLEARLY said, "Pay the 2 cute blonde girls in aprons".  Was it that confusing!?
5. Eventually trying to sell the whole lot of the yard sale for a dollar.

Enjoy these favorites.  I am laughing out loud looking at them!

The theme of the day was: Hats. One dollar Bob.

This ceramic cat was only a dollar, who could turn that down?

This couch weighed approx. 1593182 lbs.

Example of sketchy grandmaw.

DD decided to take the hat once the sun came out.

Don't worry, Joe found another hat. 

Joe being really good at 'Sales'.

LeAnn being really good at playing the violin.

Erma decided to make an appearance. We love her.

Helen found a hat too.

LeAnn couldn't find a hat, but she found a wig.

More goodies to come this week!  

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Kathy said...

I laughed yard sale day and I think I laughed harder today! Thanks for the pictures and all your hard work! Love, Aunt Kathy.