Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My So-Called Life: SENIORS- Logan

Ok, Seriously, this girl is amazingly beautiful!!! Meet Logan, and her incredibly beautiful eyes, hair, sense of style, EVERYTHING! I loved this shoot. Logan is so photogenic, so literally every shot is frame worthy. I had more than enough favorites to pick from (164 to be exact). Fall in love with these.....

Does Logan have one great head of hair or what.  I'm not even going to mention her eyes.

A little lens flair, and I love it.

These two RIGHT HERE need to be in a magazine advertising a  love for life, having a totally free spirit, and being young and carefree.  That is what they say to me at least!  One word: Seriously.

One of my top two favorites. (PS-I did that little braid, all that practice on my sis growing up actually paid off in this TO DIE FOR pic!)

These last two need to be framed side by side.

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