Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Carolina Bride: Dodi

Washington, NC.  Have you heard of it?  It is a little town on the other side of Greenville (go ECU!) where I met up with Dodi.  She lives in Colorado and is getting married in her hometown this coming weekend!  I am sooo excited!  We spent two hours traveling around to all the fun spots that Little Washington has to offer.  If any of you remember last Wednesday, there were 25 MPH wind gusts.  We really debated waiting and having her shoot in the morning, but decided to go ahead as scheduled.  I actually like how the wind made so much movement in many of the pictures.   Look for her beautiful wedding pictures next week- I know there are going to be many to oohh and ahhh about!

This is an old train in downtown LW. Perfect.

The chapel at her church where she is getting married.

One of my personal favs.


Ya'll know how I feel about smiles.  I think she was making googlie eyes at the old men who were working on their sailboats.  She kept ME laughing the whole day!

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konigsmark said...

She looks amazing and you're a great photographer.