Monday, April 20, 2009

Love is in the Air

Meet this cute and fun-loving couple! Danielle and Dusty agreed to an early Saturday morning meeting in order to avoid yesterday's rain!  Luckily, Saturday was perfect and we were able to capture their engagement shoot.  They are getting married in Key West in November on the beach (who is jealous??:))  So fun!  It is so obvious from being around them that they love each other so much.  Enjoy this shoot and look forward to Danielle's Bridal shoot later in the summer!

This is my favorite shot.  I'm loving Danielle's too cute outfit! (other ladies, take note!)

They have the cutest way of loving on each other.  They make me smile.

Say Hello to Danielle's green eyes. Amazing.

It's love.

This is a top 5.

Lot's of haze, but I still love this picture.

Swings always make people smile!

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