Sunday, April 19, 2009

Carolina Bride: Molly

After this shoot, I just wanted to do a happy dance at the amazingness of my time with Molly.  All of my brides just happen to be amazingly beautiful, and Molly is no exception.  Please go slowly to take them all in!

Some of you may remember Molly.  She and I have worked together a ton.  She has done make-up for many of my clients and also did my wedding make-up. (She owns Bella Amore)  We had been waiting for beautiful weather so we could head out and do her Bridal Portrait Shoot.  First of all, we couldn't have asked for a better day.  It was a cloudless sky and 70 degrees- AMAZING.  Secondly, raise your hand if you think Molly could be a wedding dress model (I do! I do!)  Her dress had just the right amount of sass for this location.

Please enjoy these shots of an absolutely stunning woman in some pretty awesome places (If I do say so myself).  

I love Molly's expression in this shot.  If you know her, it's called "The Molly Face"

I'll have.

This shot does not do much for Molly's dress, but I am captivated by it.  I just love her laughter!

An inside shot.  Love it.

There were absolutely too many favorite's to pick from (try like 200 favorites).  But, if someone tied me down and MADE me choose, I just might choose this picture(above)

Mom's often come with their daughters on bridal portrait shoots.  I also usually have an assistant (wedding dresses take a small army to man-handle).  Molly's mom saw this shot-Great eye!

This is such a sweet picture.

The future Mrs. Tony Meyhoff everyone!!

Classic Beauty.  

Ok- these next three shots are my favorite in sequence.  I think Molly should get them together in one of those frames that has spots of three pictures and hang these together so that everyone can see their cuteness in a sequence.
This last one of these three is my "I'm waiting to marry Tony" shot.  It is just so sweet like she is waiting to go to the chapel to meet her man!  I LOVE it.

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