Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Carolina on my Mind

For my husband, for a deeper love of sweet tea, for late night conversations, for dejavu from a past life...these are all things that I have Julia (at least in part) to thank.  Honestly, it is hard to remember life before knowing Julia.  I mean there was college, but ever since, there has been Julia.  A summer in 2005 we met and life has never been the same!  Really!  I now have a sister-in-law that was my friend first-it is awesome.  I see so much of myself in her that it is scary sometimes- as different as we 'seemingly' are from each other.  I mean, I do my hair, and wear make-up...she rolls out of bed and puts on her cowboy boots.  But, don't get us going on something that we are passionate about- you have never seen two people that are such a force to be reckoned with as us.

Why this story is important is that Julia goes to Chapel Hill.  For four years, I have been "going to come for a visit".  I made it, finally, only 3 weeks short of graduation!  Go me!  She has had this same group of girl-friends since her freshman year- the group has grown, of course, but these 7 have all stayed close for four years- I think that is so cool!  I headed up the the Hill to take some group shots of the girls before graduating on May 10th.  Then we ate at PEPPERS, which was amazing and I want to go back there soon.  Ladies, I had so much fun on our trek all over campus...ladder, stool and chair in hand. Oh, and don't forget the one pocketbook.  Good thing we had 8 sets of hands:)

This is probably my favorite shot of the day.  It is outside a church on campus- and I think it is so fitting because these girls have such a great relationship with each other that stems from a love for the Lord.  It gives me chills.

What a bunch of beauties.  Have you ever seen more perfect teeth in a group shot?

This is one of my favorites.  Julia is the one in the middle with black hair.  Joe's twin sister, if you know Joe. (They aren't really twins, but I think they look so much alike, but not in a bad way Julia!)

What would be a campus shoot without a pic at the Old Well.

I couldn't pick a favorite out of these shots, so here are 3. I'm loving Emma's smile in this one though.

Argh- if only they had had an 8th friend from freshman year- the photo would be complete!!!

Love- good eye Abby.

An attempt at serious, I like it.

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