Monday, February 28, 2011

What to Wear {part 3}

The last session reminded me how I needed to do another What to Wear post! Chelsea, blogger and fashionista extroidinairre, has come up with more great looks for me to share with you! I wanted to blog this set of outfits first because then if you look at the post below, it is a similar look so you can see how it translates in the photos. The Cousins stuck with greens and blues, but you can see that the camera loves those bold colors! I love the impact all of these primary colors make when layered together. The next set of outfits that I am going to blog is more subdued and boho-chic when put next to these- so it is really a matter of choice for you...but the most important thing is that you put a little bit of extra 'oomph' into your photo shoot outfit so that it is sure to photograph like a dream- no matter what sort of style you have. Enjoy this photo inspiration!




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